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So it begins…

Hey, I’m Randy Greer. I compose and teach music, create sound design, record, edit, mix, master and create stories. I will discuss those topics in this blog but I mostly started this as a place to step out of my professional skin and write about it.

If you’re here for it, this should be a good time.

Indie Game Dev Spotlight

My heart’s had a place for games since I was young. I’ve been happy and privileged enough to work closely with developers as a professional. I want to share some of my experience with others. In mid-2020, I was invited to help with a visual novel by providing audio and music. I met MintmonsterVA, theContinue reading “Indie Game Dev Spotlight”

A Pizza My Mind Pt 1

Pizza Plus In the small, rural town of Ripon, California, a hidden gem cranks out pie after pie. Rustic, wooden furniture spans the narrow floor and families fill most of the seating. The kitchen is bustling like a beehive and savory aromas flood the air. This is Pizza Plus, the origin of the best pizzaContinue reading “A Pizza My Mind Pt 1”

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